Below are some common questions that customers and prospective customers have.

How do you actually clean siding?

The vinyl siding institute has some good information on safely cleaning vinyl siding that we adhere to. We combine biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents to our algaecide. After the agents are applied, we keep the area wet and allow 5-10 minutes of "soak in" time for the algaecides and detergents to start melting away the all the algae, mold, mildew, dirt & stains. If there are rust stains on your home and you want those removed, we will apply our anti-rust agent in those areas after the house has been washed.

We clean the siding using a soft wash method with no fear of harming your siding. We have seen several homes with siding damage due to improper powerwashing where too much pressure was used or the person powerwashing the siding was too close and burned the siding from water friction. We use great care using this method of washing your siding. It is the fastest way to clean your house with very little or no brushing and soft cloth wiping down of your siding.

Will the algae come back?

The short answer is yes, the algae will come back. Most homes will be algae free for the next 12 months, just like a swimming pool, algae will come back even after a shock treatment. We kill the algae using algaecides and our organic and biodegradable surfactants however, environment variables will cause the algae to come back and need cleaned again in about 2 years. Our customers have noticed that when the algae does start to come back, it is much less severe than in previous years before we cleaned the home.

How do you clean a roof?

We clean the roof by using a soft wash approach, gently applying our algaecide and detergent to the roof using garden hose pressure. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer Association has a page dedicated to the education of the black streaks and how to properly treat roofs and we follow these guidelines. We take great care in making sure the algae\mold\mildew\moss are killed on the roof while taking proper precautions to make sure your plants in the mulch beds are not harmed. We do not use pressure washers on the roof because high pressure will not get rid of the problem and will harm your shingles. When we leave, the algae streaks will be gone and the lichen and moss will be dead. It's important to understand that the moss and lichen will still be on the roof when we leave BUT, they are dead and it will take 6-12 weeks for the moss and lichen to safely release their hold on the shingles with no damage and wash away with normal rain.

Is the Rust Removal and Gutter Cleaning part of the house wash price?

We clean the algae & mold from the exterior gutters as part of the house wash price. We will provide a price cleaning the leaves from your gutters.

If there are rust stains on your siding, brick, pavers or concrete, we are happy to provide a quote to remove the rust stains from the problem areas.

Can you clean my house in 1 application?

We can normally get rid of all the algae, mold and mildew in 1 application time but there are situations where the buildup is so thick that we have to apply a second application. Don't worry about the cost though, we don't charge you more than we quoted you!

Will your wash mix affect the color of my vinyl siding?

No! Our algaecide combined with our organic biodegradable surfactants will not fade siding colors and will not damage older Aluminum siding. This is a common question that homeowners have, you can rest assured that the agents we use are color safe for your siding.

How do you wash decks, sidewalks and driveways?

We never use high pressure on siding! In order to clean sidewalks and driveways we use our high pressure surface cleaners to get rid of the dirt & algae. Our results are amazing especially compared to what a home owner can do with a normal power washer wand applicator.

Our pricing is around $.15 per sq foot for Sidewalks and Driveways. If it drains well and isn't located in an area were dirt & debris is built up, we may be slightly under $0.15 per sq ft.

For decks, we commonly use low pressure softwashing. Depending on the condition of the deck, we will use a combination of manually cleaning the deck then washing it with our deck detergent and afterwards we will rinse and apply our algaecide. The pricing on decks will vary depending on the condition of the wood, the severity of the algae build up and work detail on the deck spindles. As a gauge, our pricing can range from $0.25 per sq ft. up to $1.25 a foot all depending on the condition of thew wood and method we use clean the deck.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured! We are a family business and in this day and age businesses should not go without professional liability insurance.